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Castaways and Cutouts, Fill It Up>

Name: LiLi Johnson (no i don't care about stupid stalkery people...who's going to stalk me? just look me up in the phone book...)
Nicknames (any and all): not really...just LiLi
Age: 14
Location: Amherst, MA, US
Wanted Location: NYC baby!!!
What makes you, you? i'm very random and in the middle...

Top Five Bands: Led Zepplin, The Killers, Maroon 5, The Shins, really like Keane right now
Top Five Films: Amelie, y tu mama tambien, titanic, romeo +juliet, and ummmm...LOTR i guess
Top Five Books: argh...i don't read enough good books to name 5 ones that are actually worth reading...i love trashy teen novels like gossip girls, the a list, and the that's like three really dont' know...Harry Potter and LOTR...even though that's like 10 books altogether

What’s your theme song in life? erm...i don't even know the name of it but it's the song that on the sort of menuy thing when you press which episode you want to watch when you rent The L Word DVD

What song touches you in a different way than any other? Why? i don't really have one but i'm toally in love with Moon River by Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's

If there was a movie about your life, who (living or dead) would play you? Your best friend? Your significant other? by looks i'd be played by Zhang Ziyi or Lucy Liu, my best friend would be Kate Winslet, and my signifigant other would be non exsistant cuz i don't have one but if i could chose someone DIEGO LUNA!!!! if it were by who i want, i'd be played by natalie portman, my best friend would be liv tyler and my signfigant other would be diego luna

What do you think about…
Tattoos and piercing? cool..but i dont' have any...
Same sex marriage? equal rights but gay and lesbians have been through enough crap...why torture them with marriage?
Vintage clothing? if i could my entire wardrobe would be out of it
The Ramones? good hair, good's all good
The Fall of Communism? good...ish..but it was replaced by some not so great government systems...
Titanic? titanic is the love of my life
Abortion? dont' hate it until you try it....i'm pro choice all the way
Zach Braff? he's cool... loved Garden State
Llamas? the other love of my life..but not really... llama=love
President Bush? argh...don't even get me started

What do you think a Youth and Beauty Brigade actually is? BEAUTY, TRUTH, FREEDOM, LOVE....and everything and nothing else

And last but not least…
Show yourself, villain! Seriously, give us a picture or two, just
crazy, nice, glamorous, whatever. Just a picture. Actually if you don't
have one, that's okay too.
erm..i have a myspace but it doesn't have any picture but it will...and when it does i'll let you know....
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