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Castaways and Cut-outs, Fill It Up...


Name: Haritee

Nicknames (any and all): Hari
Age: 18

Location: England

Wanted Location: Budapest ;) or Paris or Atlantic coast France.
What makes you, you? Late for everything, if I arrive; if I’m not in the mood I won’t/can’t do whatever I’m trying/supposed to do; a long train journey solves all problems, or at least makes them momentarily disappear.

Top Five Bands: Live, Pumpkins, Counting Crows, Tom Mcrae, Four Star Mary
Top Five Films: LotR, Shakespeare in Love, PotC, Eternal Sunshine, Shrek
Top Five Books: LotR, Brokeback Mountain, Harry Potter 3 and 5, Da Vinci Code.

What’s your theme song in life? Live: Run to the Water
What song touches you in a different way than any other? K’s Choice: Shadowman

Why? It haunts me
If there was a movie about your life, who (living or dead) would play you? Kate Winslet

Your best friend? Emma Thompson

Your significant other? Joseph Fiennes.

What do you think about…
Tattoos and piercing? The body is a canvas. Go wild.

Same sex marriage? More stable than opposite sex marriage.

Vintage clothing? There’s another type of clothing?

The Ramones? Music owes them greatly

The Fall of Communism? The end of a dream with nightmare flaws.

Titanic? The unsinkable sinking and love triumphant.
Abortion? A choice.
Zach Braff? Not much opinion. Need to see Garden State.
Llamas? Smarter than sheep?
President Bush? You Americans confuse me

What do you think a Youth and Beauty Brigade actually is? For the artistic, alternative, romanticist, bohemian in us all to be an artistic, alternative, romanticist, bohemians with other artistic, alternative, romanticist bohemians out there. o.O

And last but not least…
Show yourself, villain!




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