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Claire Brooklawn, Esquire

Castaways and Cut-outs, Fill It Up...

I'm fixing this for Cat, because she's a bit of a LJ-cut phobe.

First! Because Bex is hyper tonight...

Name: Catherine
Nicknames (any and all): Cat, Kitty, Lomie, Goddess, Catarina...etc.
Age: 16
Location: Texas
Wanted Location: The stage.
What makes you, you? God. I'm opinionated, compasionate, and spunky.

Top Five Bands: Led Zepellin, Warren Zevon, ACDC, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, etc.
Top Five Films: Phantom of the Opera, Titanic, Pride and Prejudice, Life of Bryan, and Moulin Rouge.
Top Five Books: Pride and Prejudice, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Great Divorce, Orthodoxy.

What’s your theme song in life? Out of a thousand songs, right now I'd have to pick Reflecting Light, by Sam Phillips.
What song touches you in a different way than any other? Why? As the Deer. Good times at church retreats..
If there was a movie about your life, who (living or dead) would play you? Your best friend? Your significant other? Audrey Tatou (sp) would play my best friend, Manon, and some other star would have to come up to play Marcus. Don't have a significant other, so at least I don't have to worry about that. I would love it it my part could be played by Vivien Leigh..

What do you think about…
Tattoos and piercing?
Quite alright.
Same sex marriage? Strange...
Vintage clothing? Awesome.
The Ramones? A tad over-rated, but classic.
The Fall of Communism? One of the best things that's happened for Western Civilization in a long time.
Titanic? One the best movies for Western Civilization in a long time.
Abortion? Murder.
Zach Braff? Nifty.
Llamas? Best. Animals. Ever.
President Bush? Good guy. Glad he was re-elected.

What do you think a Youth and Beauty Brigade actually is? I would assume something along the lines of a Bohemian style club that celebrates joi de vivre, being young and optimistic for the world, and appreciative of all sorts of beauty.

And last but not least…
Show yourself, villain! Seriously, give us a picture or two, just
crazy, nice, glamorous, whatever. Just a picture. Actually if you don't
have one, that's okay too.
My freakishly huge picture that cannot be rotated or cut down... *blush*

And that's it, I'm going back to bed.</lj-cut?
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